Eclipse Monument

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Take a trek up the Eclipse Monument; sip a cup of tea and explore the view from the Biharwe Monument.
The 1520 AD Biharwe Eclipse monument is situated atop the hill directly across from the hotel. The monument goes back in time to revive the memory of total Eclipse that dates as far back as 1520 AD. This is according to astronomers and historians back then.

Eclipse Monument

The story does not only lie on the Eclipse back then, it also dates back to the fights that the three contemporary kings were involved in. It is believed that when the king of Bunyoro, Omukama Rwitamahanga Olimi I, was fighting the king of Buganda, Ssekabaka Nakibinge & Nkore's Nyabugaro Ntaro I, this war was known as the battle of Biharwe having ended on Biharwe Hill.

After king Olimi had attacked the two neighbouring kingdoms, he and his men raided all their cattle and were taking them to his Kingdom. When they reached Biharwe Hill, they did not notice the place was experiencing total Eclipse.
The mystery is that as darkness suddenly fell, the King thought the demons of the people they had killed during the war had showed up to haunt them. He ordered his soldiers to abandon everything on the hill so they could run to save their dear lives. The natives took the abandoned war spoils, including the cattle and divided them among themselves. They named them Empenda ya munoni (translated as cattle from heaven).

The hill gives a good view of the cultural Centre and has become a daring to many not only within Uganda but across the entire globe.