Education And Sports Department

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About Education And Sports Department


The Education And Sports Department is mandated to coordinate education activities in Mbarara Municipality through monitoring and supervision of education programs with a view of promoting the quality of education being provided. In other words, we are the eyes and ears of the Ministry of Education and Sports in our area of jurisdiction which in this case, is Mbarara Municipality.  Staffing  At the center, the Department is fully staffed as per approved staff structure. In schools, out of the 63 schools, 36 are headed by caretaker head teachers. Out of 63 schools, we have only 20 appointed Deputy Head teachers of these 12 are caretaker head teachers. Efforts to have substantive appointments of head teachers and deputy head teachers are underway.  School inspection and monitoring  We continue to receive funds to facilitate this activity. Some schools are in hard to reach areas and cannot be easily accessed by our small cars. The department needs a vehicle to be able to fulfill its mandate fully.