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City Treasury

the mandate of finance department is to mobilize resources for the implementation of government programs, disburse public resources as appropriated as appropriated by council and account for their use in accordance with the laws.

A city that is self- sustaining in local revenue.

To ensure an integrated and transparent financial management system for efficient service delivery.

Achievements for last financial year 2019/2020

1- The budget desk was able to coordinate the preparation of budget for the financial year 2020/2021 for final approval and implementation.
2- The department supervised the expenditure and other disbursements of the council and ensured that no payment was made without proper authorization.
3- The department was able to coordinate the preparation of annual accounts of the council for financial year 2019/2020 and submitted them to Office of Auditor General and Accountant General for audit.
4- The monthly and quarterly financial reports were prepared and submitted to executive committee for discussion
5- Quarterly internal audit reports were responded to


• We have a target of raising 6.9 billion from local revenue sources
• By the end of quarter one, we had received Ugx 1.3 billion of local revenue from central government and warranted it to various departments and divisions for service delivery.
• We plan to receive Ugx 38 billion from central government as grants and allocate it to various departments to implement activities for service delivery.
• By the end of Quarter one, the department had warranted shillings 14.1 Billion from central Government to various departments and divisions.
• We prepared final accounts for 2019/2020 and submitted them to the office of Auditor General for audit.
• Processing of various departmental payments was done on IFMS system


Raising internal resources to finance the city activities is the most realistic and sustainable way of the transformation journey. We target to raise local revenue to 9 billion
The following are the strategies for achieving the above: We plan to establish a fully- fledged revenue collection department
• we shall aim at revenue modernization complete with online services, like mobile money payments
• we plan to train staff and sensitize tax payers to appreciate the processes
• we shall initiate a dispute resolution mechanism so that all issues are resolved timely
• compile a complete tax payer register so that every eligible tax payer contributes to service delivery
• we plan to re-value the properties to be able to capture fair values and include all missing property
• We plan to initiate accountability mechanism so that collected fees are used for services required by people.
• We plan to buy a double cabin pick up for revenue mobilization and collection